It’scommon for a person to benervous before delivering their first speech. Even those people who have the talent of speaking freely may feel the pressure while delivering the speech in front of family members, friends and audiences. If you are the toast maker (a host during a wedding speech), you have certain responsibilities. There are certain things you can do which can make the wedding speecha memorable one.

Sitting Position

Make the speakers sit together. In this way, all the audience can have a look at the speakers as well as the family members. The audience can look at the reactions of the bride, the groom, and their family members. It looks bad if the speakers are on one side of the hall and the family is at the other. Moreover, it will be easier for the photographer and the videographers to takes pictures and make videos of all the speakers and the family members when they are all together. It will make the job of the photographer easier as he will be able to take pictures of different family members’ reactions.

Introduction of the Speakers

If you are the toastmaster, then it is your duty to make sure that the audience is attentive to what you are saying and what the speakers are going to say. You need to have a loud and clear voice. You have to introduce all the speakers personally to the audience. You will have to welcome the speaker as well as thank them after they have finished delivering their speech. The speakers will have more confidence after you’ve given them an introduction. Moreover, the audience will be fully geared up to listen to the speakers’ speech.

Make Sure the Speakers Know their Speeches

Make sure that the speakers know about each others’ speeches. It is because it will help to reduce the repetition of the same speech. The audience wouldn’t like to hear the same story, one after the other from two or three people. So, the speakers should decide beforehand what they should speak about and what not to. In this way, the speaker will save everyone a great deal of time.


Wedding speeches are always special. You can share the most remarkable memories with the audience that you have shared with the couple. Delivering a wedding speech is nothing about nervousness. After all, it is just family members and friends. If you are the father, you will have the most memories with your daughter. You can make the moment more memorable by delivering a funny father of the bride speech.