World of Tanks (WoT) is an online tank battle game where gamers are able to experience playing with tanks. It's a heavy tank battle perfect for people that are into tanks. Its a huge environment with a huge selection of tanks that are made to be the exact replicas of the real tanks. From the looks, specs to their performance are all based on the real tanks. Aside from that, there’s no end to the customization that it offers to its players that will make the tank even more powerful.

One of the things that made WoT pretty interesting and successful is that the developers had really done their homework to make the game work. This also translates in the game because it forces you to do your research in order to play the game better and maximize the performance of the tank that you have. Each tank is very special in their own right and one of the tanks that many people appreciate is the ST 1.

What is in combat? The ST 1 tank is a tank, get it? If you don't get the joke, its fine, but you got to give respect to the ST 1 because this is a type of vehicle that is ideal for a breakthrough. It has a thick armor in its front that can withstand other tanks that are the same type as it is from the range of 200 meters or more. Aside from its hard front, it also packs damage thanks to its 122 mm gun type M62-T2.

The ST 1 features: Every tank has their upsides and an Achilles heel and the ST 1 is a testament  to that. There is a reason that people are love the ST 1 versus other tanks and if you're on of them, then surely you have already considered managing the flaws.


  • ST 1 has a good round armor - 150 / 140 / 100 mm.
  • ST 1 has a powerful cannon 122mm M62-T2 type with high penetration - 258 / 340 / 68 mm.
  • ST 1 has an almost invulnerable top turret with armor 250 / 160 / 160 mm.
  • ST 1 has a good vertical aiming angle.


  • ST 1 has a very long aiming - 3.40 s, horrible stabilization and mediocre accuracy of cannon 122mm M62-T2 type.
  • ST 1 has a small view range in comparison to the tanks of the same type.
  • ST 1 has a long overlocking and clumsiness.

How to make it better? Sure the features if the ST 1 are mentioned above, as they say, that’s all stock. You can do some upgrades along the way to make it way better than before. Upgrades can increase the fire power and the survivability of the ST 1 in the battlefield.

  • The crew should have repairs - this will increase the lifespan of the tank during battles
  • You should have combat brotherhood - this increases the ST 1s efficiency of its crew,

The ST 1 is a soviet tank, its known for its thick armor and powerful canon. Its slow, but its durable and powerful. It sits in the middle of the slo KV4 and the easily maneuverable IS-4. If you love soviet thanks or you’re a WoT tank collector, you're going to love this tank and acquiring it is a must. If you need more information about st 1 in World of Tanks, click the hyperlink.