If the name kind of gives away the purpose of the roller skates, you got it exactly right. They can be complimented with low-cut shoes that function like tennis shoes. These shoes enable you to deftly cut corners. Owing to the ease of movement, they feature extensively in jam skating and speed skating. The wheels and bearings are also handy features which are instrumental for skating faster and longer.

There are different types of roller skates

  • Outdoor Skates

They are used to skate outdoors on different but friendly terrains (smooth enough to skate).They can sustain themselves on relatively rougher ground than normal. The wheels are designed in a way that it offers more friction and traction to the surface in contact. Out door wheels are made sifter so that they can absorb the shock of skating on rougher grounds.

  • Indoor Skates

These are also known by the name of Artistic Skates, Recreational Skates, or Traditional Skates. They are really suitable for skaters who skate in the skating rink and perform aesthetic dance (picture an Olympian ice-skating). The only difference is that instead of a blade they have wheels instead of the blade. These Skates are also very popular for rhythm skate. They have high boots that allow restraint and control for doing spins and jumps in the rink. The wheels are narrower that really help in takingsmooth turns and manoeuvres and stunts.

  • Roller Derby Skates

These Skates are synonymous with the long popular sport of Roller Derby that primarily finds its origin in the 1930s. It has steadily climbed up the popularity charts to become a phenomenon in world of skating. They are quad Skates that are known for the tough exterior and build that can withstand the beatings that are synonymous with the game of Roller Derby. The roller skates offer an Eclectic mix of durability and tough design with the ability to manoeuvre sharp turn owing to the narrow build of the wheels. Definitely a good pick for the pros of the sport.

  • Kids Skates

Again as the name suggests, these are specifically designed for young kids who want to discover the fin world of skating. These are ideal for new learners as they don’t breach a certain speed limit so that they are safe for kids. The Skates are so designed to counter all the rough-handedness that kids usually put through on their Skates.