Dermatology has always been a great field of study as well as a profession in the US and the surrounding areas. However, it is important to know about the scopes for making the money out of this profession. There are often students who want to know about how much do dermatologists make per year. To know this, one can simply have a look at the following description.


Dermatologists provide the most specialized treatment related to the skin. Some of the surgeries are also nonsurgical. Some of them also deal with skin cancer treatment. The salaries are varied depending upon the geographic location, working hours, gender and the place.The median salary has been estimated to be around $411,499 in the year 2013. However, later the rise has been found to be $234,000 in the year 2013-2014. The ones who deal with the skin cancer treatment may earn upto $586,083. The ones who have the profession in the northeast region have the least earnings. The average annual salary in this region is only $274,000. The ones who are in the Great Lakes region can have guaranteed earnings of about $425,000. Knowledge about how much do dermatologists make per year can be a helpful key in many ways.

The ones who work as the physicians and surgeons have an annual salary of about $204,950 in 2016. As reported by the, the minimum amount earned by the dermatologist in a year is about $80,000 when one works at the rate of $9.70 per hour. On the other hand, there are also chances to earn upto $330,644 a year working at the rate of $154.56 hourly. However, there are lesser scopes for the bonus and the overtime. The total pay in a year can be estimated to be within the range of $70,792 – $336,373.


The amount of payment earned per year in Canada is somewhat different. The dermatologist there earns about C$120,000 per year at the rate of $57.69. This is the minimum amount. The maximum amount can be accounted for about C$300,000 working at the rate of $C$144.23 per hour. There is no additional payment both in the form of the bonus as well as overtime. However, the total payment has been estimated to be C$120,000 – C$300,000 a year. 


The bonus is something significant in the profession of a doctor. There is a scope for both the high level of payments as well as the job satisfaction. The ones who work as the full-time doctors have full benefits especially when they work in a hospital. Sometimes, the dermatologists also work in the form of a team. There is a great help in the form of expertise and collaboration as well. However, when it comes to the field of dermatology, there are lesser scopes for getting the highest payment in the form of a bonus.