While you live in a beautiful location, it is quite certain that your home has in itself the touch of ancient architecture. So, if you plan to add the sheer elegance of hardwood flooring while renovating your homes, it is imperative that you develop an understanding of its nature and thereby the cleaning and maintenance methods.

How to take care of Hardwood Floors?

  • Firstly know the hardwood well. There are different varieties in hardwood like pecan, kiln-dried hickory, maple, oak, walnut, aspen, cottonwood, yellow birch and many more. Each of these hardwoods have specific nature and thus need extensive care
  • You must clean the flooring regularly and in the right way
  • If you plan to remove a scratch then you may use sandpaper, protective coat of polyurethane and matching stain
  • If you plan to restore a finish, then choose the right oil or wax and follow proper instructions
  • Use a mild non-alkaline soap (you may try one that is used for dishwashing) on a damp sponge to carry out light cleaning
  • Do not use high amount of cleaners, ammonia products or even water
  • Do not let any residue to settle on the flooring
  • Use tools like broom with exploded ends, dust mop which is microfiber to dust and clean
  • Maintain constant humidity. It is best to use a humidifier for homes
  • Install hardwood flooring only on dry under floor areas. This helps the flooring to stay away from dampness and moisture
  • Do not expose the flooring to elements like heat and cold directly. Use protective base like trivets or hot pads
  • Do not allow sunlight to sneak in directly.

Going by the current market trend of flooring, every household today seeks to have their home embellishment with this decorative tile. More or less, every individual today wants the look of a natural stone on their floors but with one that is durable. Installation of this kind of flooring is increasingly becoming popular and quite a regular task for a newfangled day tile professional. They are high in durability, non-porous and impervious to water, maintenance free and the perfect answer to stylish homes.

Taking care of this type of flooring and maintaining is not an arduous task due to its nature of being durable and strong. However, all that is required is to keep a few important points in mind and your home is good to go for the next few decades.