You will never hear about a cat with back pain because they stretch all the time. If you want to ease back pain, take a lesson from our feline friends and use stretching for back pain and stretching for back problems. It only makes sense that tense muscles cause a problem, and stretching can provide relief. Stretching also helps to loosen muscles and prevent further injuries.

Stretch marks for problems with the upper back

 Pain in the upper back can cause headaches and distress, but you don’t have to give in to the problem. You can solve this with a few simple stretch marks. If you have an exercise ball, this is even better because you can use it for upper and lower back problems.

 Upper back

 Simple stretching, which you can do in the office, does not require training clothes or special equipment. Just raise one hand, holding it straight and hold the elbow with the other hand. Try to stretch your hand right through the chest without turning your body. Hold it in place for about 25 seconds, then release and extend your other hand in this way.

 Exercise from top to back

You will make your hands look like a pretzel with this, but it's great for this hard-to-reach area below the shoulder blades. Stand up, making sure the back is straight. Put your left hand forward, bent at the elbow to form a right angle. Keep your fingers together and aiming straight into the air. Place your right hand under and rotate it to grab the thumb of your left hand, as it remains at a 90 degree angle. As soon as your right hand grabs the thumb of your left hand, lift both levers up. You should feel a stretch between your shoulders you can use Upper Back Stretches.

Stretching the muscles of the lower back

Exercise for the lower back

Tight hamstrings can cause lower back pain. Hamstring stretching can help relieve relief almost immediately. Sit on the floor with one leg and the other bent with the sole of the foot leaning against the inside of the thigh of the other leg. Bend forward, trying to touch the tip of the elongated leg. You will feel the thighs and the back of the knee. If you want a little more exercise, hold the towel with both hands and tie a long leg to it. You can push yourself a little forward to stretching.

Exercise on the lower back

Try the yoga sun salute for your lower back. Raise your arms to the sky and lean forward to the waist, trying to touch the ground, exhaling when you bend. Raise your body to a position where your back is parallel to the floor and leans toward your waist, breathing in when it rises. Your fingers should be a few inches from the floor. Move your fingers down, trying to touch the floor when you exhale.

Use exercises for special relief.

A stability ball or exercise ball can provide relief from stretching for the entire back. Sit on the edge of the ball and lean back, leaving your feet on the ground and touching the back of your palms to the floor on the other side. This exercise provides stretching of the muscles of the upper back and stretching the muscles of the lower back, as well as relaxation.