“Shoot him, shoot him, shoot him” or “he is standing behind you, duck”. Wherever you hear these words in a closed room, either it is going to be a crime scene or the favorable come out can be that some people are playing online games. Gaming has been a part of our culture since time immemorial; people have been playing various kinds of games. The origin of gaming cannot be easily dated, but its transition to the present times can be easily deduced. What started as simple board games has today transferred to the digital world.

Online gaming: it is a variant of gaming played via the internet on a computer(s) connected to each other through Ethernet or through the web. Today the online gaming platform has become omnipresent; you can play games on computers, laptops, consoles, game boys, mobiles and what not. These games span from various genres including first player shooting games, strategy games, simulation, car racing and the most popular genre today is massively multiplayer online role-playing games aka MMORPG.

The history of online gaming can be dated back to the 1970’s, the first online game named Multi-User dungeon (MUD) was created in 1978 and in the year 1980, it was played on ARPANET. In the following decade, the first commercial online game Island of Kesmai was released and hereon stared the world of online gaming which we experience today.

There is an indefinite number of servers available on the web which are developed for this purpose like mu online servers, which specializes in conducting online games through their website and other portals. The popularity of online games has increased to such an extent that various organizations conduct online gaming championships also called Esports championships. They enable the users to play online games with and against each other either by making teams or individually.

Some time back only a few people knew about online gaming and its variants, but today everyone who owns a smartphone knows about online gaming and play games on the web. It has been observed that e-Gaming has influenced some of its users negatively and to regulate it the online gaming governance is established. The online servers similar to mu online server have to adhere to the regulations made by the governing bodies so that they are able to conduct web gaming on their servers in a safe and secure manner.  These bodies are known to deliberate the rules and regulations of online gaming and also give ratings according to the context of the game and indicating the exposure level of these games to its users.