Gone are those days when small sleek fashionable purses would be the trendsetters and every girls fashion statement. These days girls and ladies, irrespective of their ages and social backgrounds, prefer large bags which could carry a whole lot of stuff in them. These large carrying bags are commonly known as ‘Tote’ bags. The literal meaning of ‘Tote’ is to carry something; hence the name.  Tote bags have been in use since long now but multiple usage has been the new style statement these days. The latest version of these bags are the Linnen tassen bedrukken, which come is various sizes and colors.

Usages of Tote bags:

The new generation tote bags or so called Linnen tassen bedrukken come in handy in a lot of ways:

  • Work Bag: The fashionable and trendy ones can  be easily carried to work with loads of papers and notepads carried incase you do carry them with you. You can also dump in your lunch box in it.
  • Laptop Bag: This could also be a good style statement for a Laptop bag. A lot of girls opt for the leather versions of Tote bags for their laptop carrier as its easy to carry and looks good as well
  • Diaper Bag: New mothers have a lot to carry, especially when they are outdoor with their little ones – Diapers, nappy wipes, baby powder, sanitizers, feeding bottle, water bottle, extra clothes of the baby etc. A tote bag can easily fit all this stuff for her to carry with ease.
  • Shopping Bag: Ever since plastic is banned, the Tote bags serve as a multipurpose shopping bag. People prefer to carry tote bags and stuff in the shopping items they want to buy so that they don’t have to carry multiple bags but just one big bag.
  • Picnic bag: if your child is out for a day picnic, this type of bag can easily store all his necessities for a day ranging from lunch box to water bottle to his snacking items.
  • Beach Bag – If you are planning to hit the beach, the jute variants of the Tote bags could be really economical and trendy too. Your sunglasses, sunscreen lotions, wet and dry clothes, towels etccan easily be carried at one go.
  • Book bag: If you can let go of your books while traveling, you can easily pack all of them in just one large leather bag and carry them off with you to your destination
  • Gym Bag: These bags also are carried to the gym a lot of times where people store their gym necessities.

Hence Tote bags are of great use, and can be used at multiple occasions in various possible options.