Watching aremote-controlled truck go may tempt you into buying one, but the thought of controlling a powerful machine like that makes you change your mind. The thought of breaking it or going out of control while driving can stop you from buying these monsters. But fear not, you can learn all about them in a short time with proper guidance.

The trick is to buy the right machine for the right purpose. You cannot drive an exclusive off-road monster on a smooth surface like grass or road, and vice versa you cannot drive a monster designed for a smooth surface on rocky terrain. Although any car truck will give you the same thrilling experience, it is said “every man does his own business best”, trucks made according to distinct specifications work best on their terrain.

For beginners, there is a list of the best RC trucks for money that you can buy and start having fun with these thrilling machines. The list starts with:

  1. Volcano EPX Redcat racing truck- A great truck to start with, best suited for beginners and priced under $150. This truck doesn’t need any assembly, it comes ready to go. It has a radio system and a 4WD capability for the hard and rocky terrain. The transmitter range is enough to enable it to operate in an open field.
  2. Maisto R/C Rock Crawler: This one is the best off-road truck for beginners coming with a low budget and it can handle bumps and big obstacles. It can even climb down the stairs and still run straight on its big tires. The Maisto R/C Rock Crawler is not a racing truck as it is made for rocky terrains.
  3. Click N’ Play RC car: If the beginners want to know about the kin of sophisticated RC tech, then this the machine to go An electric car with 4 WD gives a robust upgrade above its counterparts and its shockproof suspension system protects it from damage.
  4. Cross race 2.4 GHz 4 WD off road: It comes at a price which is affordable to most and that too with 4 WD and an independent suspension system, its anti-skid quality gives its users better control. It can run on different surfaces smoothly, be it rough, rocky, grass, and sand etc.

The list for best rc truck for the money goes on presenting different variants of monster trucks to the users and giving them a chance to know them better and understand their controls and working conditions and having fun with machines.