One specification everyone looks for in a watch store is if the watch is water resistant. The buyer does not want to buy a watch that won’t last long. In daily chores, it generally happens that you by mistakenly put your hands in the water or get wet in the rain. You are completely are ok but the watch isn’t. It needs a repair and in many cases, it couldn’t be repaired and need to be exchanged. A watch is kept as water resistant by three important factors.

Back case

The entire concept of water resistance depends on the base case attached to your watch. A normal watch generally has a snap-on back case, which seals the back of the watch with pressure. The structure of the back case has any deformity then water will sip in quite easily if immersed in water.

To make the watch water resistant the back case is attached to the watch with a screw, giving the second level of protection to it. The screws keep the lid tighter an air sealed. To make it more secure threading is also used for protection. Even after so much of arrangement, water may also penetrate it if the case is deformed or the watch is submerged in water for a long time.

 The Crown

The crown is the part of the watch where the water is most likely to enter. This is the part you are to pull to adjust the time most of the time. Pulling it excessively much can the shape of the gasket and hence give an invitation to water. To make it water resistant a screw down crown is recommended. This kind of arrangement really helps in water resistance. The gasket in this arrangement seals the opening when you tightened the crown.


The gasket is made up of nylon, rubber or Teflon. The gasket seals the area where the back case, crystal, and the crown meet. This restricts the water from entering the watch. When there may also be some loophole so don’t try is underwater unless it is recommended by the manufacturer. With time the gasket may erode and break; hence it may be venerable to water. Take your water for checking in a year duration to avoid resistance problem.


In reality, no water is completely waterproof. There is always an extent to which the watch can sustain itself from drowning. The watch should be kept under the jurisdiction of the manufacture manual provided to you. Two watches, mvmt vs. vincero could ensure your requirement.