In the entire process of making a video, the script is considered to be the most important part. The script can be considered as the foundation of the video. Fault in the script might lead to the fall of the video. Thus, it is important to know the things which would make your script a better one. We have listed a few things which would make your explainer video script great.


You need to search for a good topic. For that, you need to do some research and plan about the features which you would want to include in your video script and the order in which you would want them to be. This will be the base of your video and will help in building a strong and good structure for the video.

Be Specific

Try to say the important points, if not everything with a minute or two. If your video goes over two minutes, it may cause the audience to lose their interest in the video and miss the important call-to-action towards the end. This could be a great risk for you and you should look to keep it short.

Think about the Audience

The best way to contact the audience id to talk in their level of understanding. Avoid using long words or jargon, as they do not always go well with the audience and may be inappropriate. These are only good if you are talking to experts from the industry. So, always keep your audience in your mind. After all, it is for them that you are making the script.

Fun Writing

The main motive of your video should be entertaining your audience. The best way to do so is by creating an animated video. There isn’t any limitation by reality in it. So, you should use your imagination while writing and look to have some fun and also create them as well.

Tell a story

The best way to engage your audience id by telling them a story. They should be able to relate to the story. You need to introduce a problem which they might be facing and offer them a solution to that as well. The solution should be a product or the service which you are offering. Then, you can introduce your call to action.


Sticking to this pointis surely going to bring in a lot of success to you and your video. There are great chances too that a lot of the viewers of your video are going to like it too.