You have acquired a new home or want to change the apartment because the one you currently have no longer suits you? In any case, you will be forced to move the furniture and make sure that they do not fray. Find in our article the most astute techniques to move furniture while protecting them from tearing and breakage. You can also take help of professional moving companies for your furniture moving (like- Bissig Zug).

Tips for protecting furniture

Indeed, the move requires compliance with certain logistic standards. By the way, the furniture is more exposed to hazards during handling and transport, and more specifically when it comes to getting them out of the room to load them into the moving vehicle and then integrate them into the new habitat.

For this, before moving them, think about conditioning them well. The idea is to be able to perform a double protection by covering first by a first envelope that is to say a simple container in fabric or white newspaper and to put the packaging in focus with a special container move. Only, during the first packaging, avoid newspaper papers so as not to end up with ink stains on the furniture.

Otherwise, to reinforce the packaging, use a bubble wrap, commonly known as bubble wrap. The fact is that on the bubble papers you have small protruding cupolas filled with air that act as a cushion and can protect the elements likely to break easily. In the end, insulate the packaging perfectly, and seal it with adhesive tape and it's simply after you can proceed with the transport. To move your furniture harmlessly, go for Bissig Zug.

Find appropriate packaging for each equipment

In addition, for the transport of various accessories and decorative trinkets, equip yourself with moving boxes and closed boxes for fragile products. Anyway, you will find easily on the market cardboard of all sizes and even, those who are equipped with braces for the transport of the dishes. On the other hand, for removable furniture, take one cardboard per piece of furniture and keep all the pieces in one block by covering or attaching them, so as to facilitate the stain during assembly.

In addition, you want the estimable furniture like your cheap sofa   or the leather sofa  that you have newly acquired  are the subject of a special treatment? Think about investing in protective covers that fit furniture, and after that you'll add a bubble wrap to properly consolidate the packaging. Thus, you are sure to put the equipment away from any inconvenience.

Go for a professional furniture moving company 

People often make the mistake of moving furniture themselves because they want to save some money. But the fact is doing this, you are risking your valuable furniture. That is why we recommend you to use a reliable furniture moving company like . They move your valuable properties with great care. Once, they are in, you can relax and let them take all the burden of your furniture moving.