Shifting from one place to another with all your belongings can be a Hercules task as well as time consuming. If proper planning is not done before shifting, it can be also a costly affair. Hence, hiring a Packers and Movers company can be the ultimate solution for all your problems. Different companies have different rate for shifting your belongings. Various charges are charged by Packers and Movers in India, it usually depends on distance, goods, value of goods for insurance etc. Moving charges vary from city to city also, shifting in metro city can be expensive than shifting in non-metro city. Moving and shifting is a complicated task and it is nearly impossible to find out rates as it all depends upon the service you need. Below is an overview of various charges charged by Packers and Movers?

  1. Cost of packing material: Packers and Movers Company ensures that they pack all your belongings in a good quality packing material so that they don’t get damaged or break. Generally the packing material’s quality and quantity depends on the volume and type of items need to be packed and move, hence the packing charges depend on your luggage.
  2. Labours charges for packing: once packing material is bought, next step is to pack all the goods. For this work companies generally have trained and efficient men who can properly and safely pack all the customer’s belongings. Therefore, labour charges are another aspect on which the Packers and Mover companies will charge you.
  3. Loading and unloading charges: once all the belongings are packed comes the loading of them into the truck and when the truck reaches its destination comes the unloading of the stuff. Loading and unloading is a very critical and integral part of the entire shifting. Any mistake done during loading/unloading can cause a huge damage to the goods as well as can create a trouble for the Although the chances of this miss happening is very low as the packers and movers company generally have trained labour for this work who know how to lift and hold items while loading or unloading onto the truck. Number of labours involved in loading/unloading also decides the final rate.
  4. Transportation charges: many packers and movers company have their own carriers that carry the entire luggage safely to the new destination. But few companies also hire truck on rent from the market, whatever be the case, there would be definitely cost of transportation. Usually the Umzugsfirma Basel takes both way fare, but you can always clarify with them. Charges depend upon the type and size of truck.