The Bay Mills-Brimley Historical Research Society was founded in 1981 as a non-profit organization for the purpose of establishing a local history museum. In the meantime the US Forest Service asked the Society to help restore the Pt. Iroquois Light House. Through to co-operative volunteer efforts of the Historical Society, the Light House was restored and a small museum was established. With that project complete, the Society turned its attention to its original purpose and focus- preserving local history. It is responsible for the restoration of the railroad cars and the establishment of the Wheels of History Museum in Brimley which opened July 1,1995. A Michigan Equity Grant, a mini grant from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, and generous donations of time, money, and materials from local individuals and businesses make the project possible.

    The Bay Mills-Brimley Historical Research Society meets monthly, April-October, in the Superior Township building in Brimley. Annual memberships are only $10. They may be obtained by writing the Society, PO Box 273, Brimley, MI 49715

Bay Mills-Brimley Historical Research Society
PO Box 273
Brimley, MI 49715

Phone: 906.248.3665